Rubbercure Salts

RUBBERCURE is a heat transfer salt produced by Durferrit GmbH based on inorganic nitrates and nitrites, which, due to its special composition has a low melting point of 142°C. The normal working temperatures of vulcanizing are between 220°C and 250°C. Where is RUBBERCURE used? The demand for techniques of fast, continuous and equal vulcanizing processes […]

Stop-off compounds

So, you want to heat treat your parts but not all of it! Why?, maybe subsequent processes such as machining, soldering or welding is more difficult post heat treatment. Whatever the reason, Durferrit have a range of stop-off compounds designed to prevent the diffusion of hardening-increasing elements (Carbon (C), Nitrogen (N), Boron ) during thermochemical […]

ASD Heat Transfer Salts

Heat is the colloquial term used to describe thermal energy. Heat transfer mediums are used in specially constructed plants to exchange energy, in other words for both heating and cooling, in various chemical processes. Heat can be transferred in three different ways: Salt Radiation & Convection Applications The high thermal capacity and thermal conductivity of […]

Hard and wear resistant surfaces by boriding

Looking for a heat treatment process that exceeds the hardness & temperature resistance of case hardening, carbonitriding, nitriding & nitrocarburizing? If you are, Boriding with a hardness range of 1500-2500 HV & temperature resistance range of 800-100°C just might be what you are looking for. Here at Durferrit we are constantly developing our products for […]