Annealing and Hardening

Annealing and Hardening

Annealing salts are used to increase the ductility of a material and to reduce internal stresses. Commonly used in combination with an additive, otherwise decarburisation and oxidation will take place with increasing treatment temperature.

Product Application Working temp. in °C
GS 430 For tempering, heating and quenching of steel for which AS baths are not suitable. 500 - 700
GS 520 Replenisher salt for GS 430 baths.
GS 540 For heating and annealing. 600 – 950
GS 660 Non-toxic salt for annealing steel and non-ferrous metals 750 – 900

All the above salts are kept in stock in the UK. Additional annealing and hardening salts are available from our manufacturing site in Germany. For a comprehensive list of our product range, follow this link to the HEF Durferrit page.

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