Carburising salt melts offer the following advantages:

  • The best temperature uniformity
  • High reproducibility of the carburised surface
  • Easy to control
  • Very flexible to use

Our DUROFER carburising process is environmentally friendly as the products do not contain any cyanide and the carbon activity is controlled by adding the regenerator CECONTROL. This ensures the amount of waste salts are considerably reduced.

DUROFER process

Product Application Working temp. in °C
CECONTROL™ Non-toxic regenerator. For use only with the base salts CECONTROL 50 H, 80 B and 110 B.
CECONTROL™ 50 H Cyanide free start-up and replenishment salt used in special cases as low carburising salt to achieve a surface carbon level of approx. 0.5 %. For use only with CECONTROL regenerator. 780 – 950
Cyanide free start-up and replenishment salt to achieve surface carbon level of 0.8 % resp. 1.1 %. For use only with CECONTROL regenerator. 820 – 950

All the above salts are kept in stock in the UK. Additional carburising salts are available from our manufacturing site in Germany. For a comprehensive list of our product range, follow this link to the HEF Durferrit page.

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