Heat Treatment of High-Speed Steel

Tools treated in our salt melts are well known for their superior quality. Due to the best temperature uniformity and quickest heat transfer, a fine grain structure with the corresponding proportion of solute carbides is achieved. Preeutectoid carbide precipitation at the grain boundaries or local formation of intermediate structures are avoided.

Our technology provides benefits such as:

ProductApplicationWorking temp. in °C
GS 540Salt for the 2nd preheating stage.800-950
GS 540 / R2 For steels with a lower hardening temperature that are to be hardened without decarburization 
GS 750 / R2 2-salt systems for the 3rd preheating stage. 1050-1100
CARBONEUTRAL®For austenitizing of high alloyed tool and high-speed steels. Additives are reducing decarburization.1000-1300
SEMPERNEUTRAL® 950For austenitizing of high alloyed tools and high-speed steels. Additives prevent from decarburization.1100-1300
SEMPERNEUTRAL® 1100For austenitizing of high-speed steels. Additives prevent from decarburization. Less sensitive to moisture than   SEMPERNEUTRAL® 950. 1200-1300
GS 430Quenching salt for high alloyed tool and high-speed steels500-600

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