Ionic liquids offer a significant improvement in wear protection, sliding properties and fatigue strength on all ferrous materials. A subsequent oxidising quenching produces a significant increase in corrosion resistance.

This technology gives often superior results to that of galvanic layers and other nitrocarburising processes due to the main process characteristics such as:

  • Excellent reproducibility
  • Shortest treatment times
  • Negligible distortion
  • Highest flexibility

Commonly known in the UK as the TUFFTRIDE treatment, we offer environmentally-friendly salts for this nitrocarburising process.


Product Application Working temp. in °C
TF 1 Cyanide-free nitriding salt. For use only with REG 1 regenerator. 480 - 630
REG 1 Non-toxic regenerator for nitriding salt TF 1.
AB 1 / AB 1.8 Oxidising salts for enhancing the corrosion resistance of TUFFTRIDE treated components and for QPQ process. 350 - 400


Product Application
NSK In special cases for the artificial activation of the nitriding baths.

All the above salts are kept in stock in the UK. Additional nitrocarburising salts are available from our manufacturing site in Germany. For a comprehensive list of our product range, follow this link to the HEF Durferrit page.

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