TF 1 process is the leading technology for nitrocarburizing worldwide.

Ionic liquids offer a significant improvement in wear protection, sliding properties, fatigue strength & good corrosion resistance on all ferrous material. A subsequent oxidising quenching further increase in corrosion resistance.

This technology gives often superior results to that of galvanic layers and other nitrocarburising processes due to the main process characteristics such as: Excellent reproducibility, Shortest treatment times, Negligible distortion & Highest flexibility.

Commonly known in the UK as the TUFFTRIDE or QPQ treatment, we offer environmentally-friendly salts for this nitrocarburising process.


ProductApplicationWorking temp. in °C
TF 1Cyanide-free nitriding salt. For use only with REG 1 regenerator.480 – 630
REG 1Non-toxic regenerator for nitriding salt TF 1.
AB 1 / AB 1.8Oxidising salts for enhancing the corrosion resistance of TUFFTRIDE treated components and for QPQ process.350 – 400

Tufftride® TF-N Process

TF1 salt has been optimized. By using specially developed additives for the base salts, not only can the process safety be further increased, but the process can also be controlled more easily, and energy costs can be saved. With the optimized products you can achieve significantly more compact compound layers, deep-black components and the process becomes even more stable.

The existing TF 1 and AB 1 baths can be upgraded to the Tenifer® TF-N process without the need of a new start up.

ProductApplicationWorking temp. in °C
TF-NCyanide-free replenishment salt; For use only with REG-N regenerator480 – 630
REG-NRegenerator for TF-N baths
TF-LKAdditives for the base salt TF-N
AB-N ROxidizing salts for quenching TF-N treated components and for carrying out the QPQ® process; leads to enhanced corrosion resistance420 – 440
AB-NStarter salts for the initial filling


NSKIn special cases for the artificial activation of the nitriding baths.

Solid or Pack Nitrocarburising

PulnierpulverCyanide-free base powder
AktivatorNontoxic activation product. The required amount depends on the treated parts

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