Stop-off Compounds

Stop-off Compounds

Specialist paint to prevent diffusion during processes such as gas nitriding.

Based on our experience Durferrit stop-off compounds are continuously optimised especially in regards environment and safety at work.

Our products offer the following benefits:

  • High protection
  • Easy in use
  • Short drying times

Aqueous lacquer-based stop-off compounds

Product Application
WAGA For gas carburising for more than 1.3 mm case depth; applicable by painting or dipping

Solvent based stop-off compounds

Product Application
CONTRADUR GAKO For gas carburising up to 1.3 mm case depth; applicable by painting or dipping.

All the above salts are kept in stock in the UK. Additional stop-off compounds are available from our manufacturing site in Germany. For a comprehensive list of our product range, follow this link to the HEF Durferrit page.

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