Thermochemical Cleaning

Thermochemical Cleaning

Cleaning salts are used for the quick and gentle removal of coatings which are difficult to dissolve, even in narrow crevices and small-bore holes.

The formulation of each product is optimised regarding their special application.


Product Application Working temp. in °C
KOLENE® No.6 Removes paint, oil carbon and plastics from aluminium and steel work pieces, also grey cast iron. 300 – 400
KOLENE® DGS Removes scale and rolling skin; metal oxides, glass residue (drawing agent), sand residue, oil coke, oil, grease and other organic traces from stainless steels and other Cr/ Ni materials. 370 – 540

All the above salts are kept in stock in the UK. Additional cleaning salts are available from our manufacturing site in Germany. For a comprehensive list of our product range, follow this link to the HEF Durferrit page.

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