Rubbercure Salts

RUBBERCURE is a heat transfer salt produced by Durferrit GmbH based on inorganic nitrates and nitrites, which, due to its special composition has a low melting point of 142°C. The normal working temperatures of vulcanizing are between 220°C and 250°C.

Where is RUBBERCURE used?

The demand for techniques of fast, continuous and equal vulcanizing processes are steadily growing together with an increasing demand for continuously extruded rubber profiles in the Automotive and Building Industries, for electric domestic appliances as well as coatings of electric cables. RUBBERCURE meets these requirements both in LCM and PLCV plants for vulcanizing of sealed or expanded rubber profiles.

Vulcanizing in the RUBBERCURE salt bath offers many advantages:

  • extremely low environmental pollution due to the minimal nitrite content of waste waters
  • high long-term thermal stability of the salt melt
  • great variety of applications regarding the rubber mixtures
  • no considerable corrosion of the polymers through the salt melt
  • compact profile surfaces without any porosity
  • high vulcanizing speeds and thus an increase of output by about 40
  • % against other media due to the unbeatable good heat transfer properties of the salt melt
  • due to the good heat transfer properties of RUBBERCURE the accelerator content in the rubber mix might be reduced
  • low viscosity of the RUBBERCURE melt at the vulcanizing temperature and thus minimized dragout losses
  • In the case of LCM plants an optimized profile guide at the end of the bath should be installed in order to contribute to a reduction of the salt losses. Durferrit GmbH will be pleased to submit proposals regarding the design of the plant.
  • high solubility of the salts in water and thus simple cleaning techniques
  • extreme purity of the salt components and thus increased lifetime of the vulcanizing plants

Rubbercure LAS is a Non-toxic classified vulcanizing salt.

DURFERRIT RUBBERCURE LAS can be used for vulcanizing continuous extruded closed-skin rubber or foam rubber profiles for example in the automotive and building sectors, for domestic electrical appliances or for the sheathing to electrical cables. DURFERRIT RUBBERCURE LAS fulfils the growing demand for a quick, continuous and uniform vulcanizing in LCM or PLCV plants.

Special benefits of vulcanizing in DURFERRIT RUBBERCURE LAS:

  • less pollution due to the low nitrite content in the effluents
  • less risk of nitrosamines forming from the nitrites and amino compounds of the rubber compound
  • less pollution of the waste air by nitrosamines
  • lower content of nitrosamines in the finished profile
  • the salt melt stays stable for a long time
  • the rubber compounds have a broad scope of application
  • attack of the polymers by the salt melt is almost negligible
  • compact profile surfaces without porosity


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