Wear & Seizure Resistant Railway Bushings from HEF Durferrit

Durferrit, which is part of the HEF Group have over 30 years of experience supplying bushing & pins into the rail industry.

During this time, our product range has been optimized to meet the challenges faced by rail engineers across the globe.

We are experts in tribology and our unique ability to test, manufacture & develop surface treatments enables us to understand the industry issues & provide tailored solutions.

Traditional issues such as:

1) Switching control and torsion/anti-rolling devices suffering significant wear & seizure issues.

2) Coupling systems being prone to fretting and corrosion 3) Disc brake linkages being suspectable to wear. Have all benefitted from our products.

Our portfolio of friction components is divided into sections determine by their properties.

PEL Steel bushings:  High loads resistance (100 – 250MPa), Shock resistance, Seizure Resistance, Abrasion Resistance, long greasing intervals (250-1000 hours) and optimised grease dispersal.

PEL & FAM Spherical bushings: Shock resistance, Seizure Resistance, Abrasion Resistance, Fretting resistance, Scuffing resistance, Dynamic load resistance, long greasing intervals, Corrosion resistance, Maintenance free, High temperature resistance.


H-LINER Composite bushings:  Maintenance free bushing, Low friction coefficients, Machining possibility, High temperature resistance, Electric insulation, Medium & High load (80-140MPa), Abrasion Resistant, Low water absorption, Light weight, Low wear rate and stick slip resistant.


Please contact Durferrit UK if we can be of any assist with your application issues.